child must be prepared to go to the

during the day in a full day visit? The answer of some medical practitioners is that too many children weep when they parents leave, so if they don't see the parents they won't weep. Others justify their restriction with the risk of infections. Therefore, parents are advised to leave the child in hospital and don't occur to him/her until he comes out from the hospital. Who is helped in that way? Certainly not the children or their parents.
Helping children

With such request medical staff helps only itself, because children are sad, cramped, scared and that means sedate – inhibited. Quiet, in this case means that psychic problems are developing with that small child, unlike the weeping that is a sign of healthy
children's reaction when a parent leaves. That's why the good advice to parents of small children is not to leave their child in hospital unless it is inevitable, and let one of the parents to stay with the child; if that is impractical due to lack of space then be with the child as long as you can and if even that is impractical and impossible, then rebel. You have every right to be with your child. But what about with the risk of infections that parents could bring with themselves or take away from the hospital? If such things appear in some departments the duty of doctors is to resolve them not disturbing the link between you and your child.
Jutarnji list 18.10.2006.

Education of children

   Leaving the child for treatment in hospital is a great stress for him/her and for the parents. Usually, the smallest the child, the higher the stress.     How to ease unpleasant situation?
Ocassionally, come to me children with sleeping disorders, nocturnal enuresis and various fears, who have returned from hospital treatment. Sometimes pass several years from that treatment and they still have difficulties. What all those children have in common is that   they    haven't been prepared for hospitalisation and/or during they staying in hospital there were no
hospital there were no parents' visits. The younger the child is, he/she is more dependant of his/her parents, and separation, even temporary, can be worse tragedy than
Dr.med. Nenad Jakušić
head of a Center
for protection
of mental health
for children and youth,
Clinic for paediatric
diseases Zagreb
disease the child is treated from. Why then the parents, at least one of them, do not stay with a small child in the hospital? The doctors will say that they do no have enough room.
A parent with a child

    But then, why aren't parents with a small child


Experience of a father in education of a child with special needs
As I repeated earlier on several occasions every parent who meets with the illness of his/her child must in the first moment yield and ask himself/herself:
«Why me? Why to me? Why to my child?».
   If that time in asking those questions lasts too long, then the parent himself/herself begins to lose in what his primary task is, and that is in my humble judgement, teaching the children for adjustment on different situations in their life, and thereby they don't endager anyone nearby, and not even themselves. If that situation lasts too long then we show the children insecurity, ignorance and lack of acceptance of the facts.
   It is necessary to reduce this time the shortest possible so that we could start teaching ourselves and children as soon as possible, how to prevail the newly created situation as painless as possible. Parents have to be amanded in every respect so that they could help their child as much as possible.
   It has been implanted in people's minds that the mothers are those who must take care and educate the children and the fathers appear in education when it suits them, that is in some form of sports education. That must be changed from the roots, because nowadays when all parents have less time for their children due to various objective and subjective reasons, the presence of both parents in education is very important. Naturally,this presence must be quality, we have to show the children with our example what they can do and what they can't do.
   So fathers, don't be ashamed to help your wives in household, because in this was you will show how much you respect them, and only then you can ask it from your children.
   Fathers, go to the school on class meetings, and in that way show to your child how much you care for him/her and what he/ she does.
   Fathers, when you go to the training of your children take the mothers too, and let them know how successful your child in that sport is, what is his/her place in the game, which discipline he/she likes best, in order to show mutual love to your child.
   Fathers, in the end, and for mi it is the beginning of everything, CHILDREN DIDN'T SEEK FOR US BUT WE SOUGHT THEM, so let's behave in such a manner.
   „Together to Health“ Association of chronically ill children unlike all above mentioned, mostly has mothers as support to children, what is very difficult to change because partiarchal education is still present at our place, where fathers work and contribute financially to the families and where they are „Head“ of the house, and everything else is on mothers to be done.
   We hope that we will find enough time, so that we can reexamine and get acquainted with ourselves. Only then we can see that our children are our treasure, and that we must have time for them, not when we want that but when they want and need it from us.
   Also we all know, because we used to find ourselves in the similar or the same situations with our parents in their stories... how it was in our times... and how we reacted to that. Therefore we have to be aware that out children think likewise or even the same. It is impossible to avoid the differences in generations but it is on us to reduce them as much as possible.