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Gljivice i uveitis!

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Dakle, dr. Foster potvrđuje moguću povezanost uveitisa i gljivica. Jedan njegova pacijent je zauvijek prestao imati probleme s okom kad su se preselili.

Aspergillus and Uveitis
My daughter (who has been a patient of Dr Foster's since age 10) was diagnosed with idiopathic bilateral anterior uveitis when she was nine. She is now 14. We moved into our current home when she was 7, and have had mold issues throughout the time in this home. I thought we had remediated the mold problem with some construction, but today was told our basement is infested with toxic Aspergillus. It is in the air, on the walls, and on most of the contents of the basement (toys, exercise equipment...). Could there be a connection between exposure to Aspergillus and my daughter's Uveitis? Is there a way to somehow test her for the presence of this mold?

Odgovor Fostera:
Yes, there could be a connection. I have had another patient with eye inflammation which was always better when he was on vacation or on a business trip. A mold (not Aspergillus) was discovered in his home. His eye inflammation problem vanished when the mold was eliminated from the home. I know of no test on the patient. Chronic sinus low grade infection could be considered. An ENT specialist might be able to look for this.
Stephen Foster

Aspergiloza, koju uzrokuje gljivica Aspergillus, je infekcija koja u prvom redu zahvaća pluća. Gljivica Aspergillus se obično nalazi u hrpama komposta (humusa), oko kuće, na hrani i na tijelu.

Mold & Uveitis Are you aware of any correlation between the prolonged exposure to mold/mildew in a building and the onset of uveitis? Thank you.

fostercs Re:
My Recent Posts Yes, we have another patient whose uveitis resolved once they got a professional company to eliminate fungus from their basement.

Anita Moorjani "Ponovno rodjena"

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