"Together to health"
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We are thankful to Department of paediatrics General Hospital Dubrovnik and HN Anka Drobac on the material

 Paediatrics department GH Dubrovnik

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There is a close cooperation of our Association and Paediatrics department. We intensivle work on collaboration of doctors and parents, aiming on promoting the children rights to adequate medical care, informing and educating children and parents about diseases and the way of treatment, as well as observing chronical diseases, organizing humanitarian events and providing help for the most sick children.
Continuous activities of the departments personnel, organized lectures and gathering founds in action "For the child smile in hospital", have greatly contributed to the opening of the department to publicity , comunications, donations in providing food, dipers, cosmetics, and even expencive medical devices and progress in every aspect.
   Part of the team of the paediatric department from the General Hospital Dubrovnik, headed by dr Marija Radonić

and the guest who has visited the department  to help with the introduction of Quality Managing System Prof. Dr. Sc. Ana Stavljenić Rukavina.

Children's department
Children's department - statistics/ 2005
  • 1490 hospitalized children
  • 4,9 days average hospital detention
  • 20000 ambulatory intervention in :
    • general and urgent ambulance, "daily hospital", allergic-pulmonological, cardiac, endocrinological, neonatological, neuropaediatric, nephrological ambulance

The Department is fully open towards the public, which required a lot of effort, a lot of learning, and much time for everyone to adapt.

    With the project „Artist donation“the department was arranged with their work where all the decorations were gift and result of the artist painters' plan.
    Members of Sy Down Association in accordance with their working therapy, maintain department's garden.
    The contract was signed with elementary school "Ivan Gundulić", about class maintenaning for children who have to be longer in hospital..
    High school students visit children during holidays and they cheer them up with appropriate program.
    Once a week a dentist visits the Department to educate them about oral cavity hygiene.
    Once a week a storyteller visits the Department.
    Once a week volunteers from society "Our children " entertain kids.

Every year at the Day of diseased the Mayor, County Executive and Father Bishop visit our department and in that way drow attention to the youngest patients whoo needs as much help as we can give them to fight with the disease. It became a custom that all prominent city visitors come to visit the Department with the same aim.

Where to find us


  House rules of Paediatric department

            Doctors gives informations to the parents about their children,
            between 15:00-16:00 hours in doctors office or by telephone:
            • administration, head nurse:
                020 431650
            • surgery:
                020 431648
            • doctors office:
                020 431651
            • head office dr.Marija Radonić:
                020 431889

  • Please turn off your mobile phone while entering the hospital.
  • No smoking allowed.
  • While visiting children, please contact a nurse which takes care off your child.
  • As the children in hospital mostly miss their parents, it would be the best for them their parents or trustee visit them, brother or sister (at the most two persons at the time) ).
  • You can bring yor children pyjamas, slippers, hygienic accessories (comb, tooth brush and tooth paste) and clothes to ware at a daytime.
  • Depends of child age you can bring them favorite toy, book or game.
  • When you enter the patients room wash your hands, try to bring as less things as you can and do not put it down on the patients bad.
  • It is possible for one parent to be with child for 24 hours.
  • We kindly ask acutely ill persons with respiratory, gastrointestinal problems and rashes not to visit children.
  • Please, do not bring food and drinks until you consult the doctor or nurse taking care of your child. The food you bring on doctors recommendation, allways must be fresh.
  • Visiting time devote to your child playing with them, reading stories and talking to them. Encourage them and comfort, be gently because in sickness they need it more than ever.
  • If you want to telephone your kid, you can call to phone box in the lobby on - 411 252.

  • Along with the desire for faster recovery of your child we thank you for your trust and cooperation.